Wednesday, February 11, 2009

On the final stretch

We're going to be a tad over our time budget, but haven't been working on it much over the last couple days. Interesting bugs happen when you use the same temporary switches on every map!

I think we've managed to make the most impressive RTP adventure yet though (but we used some of the resources we've released on RMVX blog). Many of the puzzles are a lot of fun too! The last thing we need to do is spruce up the story... we're not very good writers sadly, but nothing editing can't fix.

I don't know how it'll do without a battle system in place, but that might even get us a bigger fanbase. It's always nice to try different things... the RPG genre and Puzzle genre are both kind of stale.

Anyone interested in beta testing our puzzle game once that's fixed? If you are: Give SporkofDoom a poke on rpgmakervx dot net, or sandy on rpgrevolution.


  1. looking forward to trying your puzzle game! how much will you be charging for it?

  2. Depends on our distribution partners. I'd expect the average sale to be around $8 if it's on portals (discount clubs, etc). It'd be higher if they don't accept it though