Friday, February 6, 2009

It's a puzzle!

We just finished up the prototypes for almost every puzzle in the game! There's around 50 total types. Some RPG genre staples, but we've got more I'm pretty sure you might not have seen before. Everyone stands around in puzzle rooms to give you hints.

Most of them are themed to that person's dream. One person is in a medieval kingdom, another rules their little world with a golden fist. There's also the crystal space level with hovering clocks, and a spooky nightmarish area. 8 dreamers total. :)

Here's some fun puzzling areas:
  • Random riddling statues
  • Knight trials (restraint, compassion, etc.)
  • River rapids maze
  • "Spell out the word" (think Indiana Jones)
  • Candle bearer - Carry a lit candle with a time limit, but trying shortcuts or moving fast might make the candle blow out
  • Treasure hunting! (6 paces south, etc.)
  • The usual mine cart puzzle, with an eerie twist
  • A game of tag with cute little monsters
  • Bomb collection! But.. they're already lit...

If only we could say the same thing about the dungeons themselves being done. Ugh, we hate mapping areas! :)

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