Friday, March 13, 2009

Decision point

I'm a big fan of learning from the mistakes of others, and this game's development is no different. We've been tracking how well games at the $9 price point have been doing. It was a much bigger disappointment than we originally thought! Out of the 28 developers we've contacted or looked at stats from, very very few (3, possibly 5) have reported a positive change.

As this is a puzzle RPG, it's already in a nichey market to begin with, and no battles will definitely disappoint many of the RPG fans. I think we're going to up it's quality a bit for a full-priced Moo release, any opinions on how? Here's a few of the thoughts we had:

More Playtime - Game feels right as it is, but I won't like charging full price without additional content. Would a second "quest", a completely different story to play through, be something folks might like? Somewhere near the beginning of the game you'd be able to start it off by talking to different characters/exploring elsewhere... or maybe as an unlockable after you've won the first time.

Polish - This is a must if the gametime isn't increased. I'll probably try to get someone to do facesets for the characters, and improve most of the areas with a lot of custom artwork & animated sprites.

Difficulty levels - I'm sure we could whip up more difficult versions of the puzzles we already made, and transfer people to a different map for them if they're on "hard mode".

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